Story of
Story of Comazo: from Germany to Russia

How it all began?

In 1884 farmer and sales agent Conrad Maier from city of Albstadt near Stuttgart started to knit fabrics in his living room.

How did the name appear?
Conrad Maier Zum Ochsen = Comazo
At that time streets in the town did not have names. There was a hotel named ‘Oxen’ near the factory, so the citizens called the place “Conrad Maier zum Ochsen”, or ‘Conrad Maier’s factory near “Oxen”, or briefly – Comazo.
How did the crown appear in the logo?
Conrad Maier put a crown in the Comazo logo as a symbol of quality of knitwear. There have been 2 major events in the German history of the second half of the 19th century: unification of Germany and its transformation into an industrial center of Europe. So at that time many German brands were putting an imperial crown on their logos.
After 150 years Comazo is…
Underwear that is highly popular in Germany
> 50 000
More than 50 000 items in daily output
31 Geschäfte
31 monobrand shop in Germany
Until today Comazo stays a family business, even though the business has evolved into an international group of companies.
Comazo in Russia
From M.F.Tex to Comazo, Ltd.
Joint venture M.F.Tex registered in Tikhvin by members of the Maier family and their Russian colleagues Igor and Irina Fomins.
‘It was the time of collapse of old economic system but as well the time when seeds of the new one started to grow. We were very young and as soon as we chose the right soil we started to grow fast. Despite difficult political and economical situation in Russia in the 1990-s we had a lot of professionals: people were eager and willing to work”.
Irina, CEO Comazo Russia
Having earned trust of the German partners, M.F.Tex was renamed into Comazo, Ltd.
From sewing plant to full cycle factory
Launch of production of fabrics with antistatic, hypoallergenic, anti-mosquito and aloe vera treatment.
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Comazo Ltd moves to a new bigger territory where it stays until now.
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‘Our factory in Tikhvin is a full cycle production: from yarns to ready-to-use products. We produce 90% of fabrics used for Comazo brand.’
Lyudmila, head of knitting unit

Lauch of dyeing and finishing unit, set up of knitting machines and water treatment facilities.

Comazo has become a full cycle factory.

Launch of production of flame resistant base layers. First collection receives a quality certificate from FIA.
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From best Russian practices to
western level of eco-production
Launch of production of fabrics with antistatic, hypoallergenic, anti-mosquito and aloe vera treatment.
“We bleach and dye fabrics with highest production standards. The main principles of finishing of fabrics are clean water, vapour and minimal mechanical impact. Comazo has own high-tech water treatment unit and boiler plant.”
Artem, deputy head of dyeing and finishing unit
New knitting machines in line and start of sales of fabrics.
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Launch of new technological line of fabric stabilization for cut fabrics – broadening of assortment of fabrics.
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