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Comazo Russia:
Corporate social responsibility
Comazo keeps to world standards both in product quality and corporate social responsibility. Besides supporting charity programs, we encourage kids sport activities and cultural events, as well as go beyond the laws in our care for the environment.
Corporate conscience is a concept according to which companies consider public interests and take responsibility for exerting influence on society and environment.
We support charity organizations: associations of disabled people and orphanages.
Sergei, head of
“Russian Association of Disabled People”
The mission of ‘Russian Association of Disabled People” is to protect the rights and interests of disabled people in all aspects of social life. There are more than 800 members of our Association in Tikhvin.

With financial support of Comazo Russia we arrange guided tours, sporting events, city of Tikhvin’s creative festival “We can do more together”, sets of events dedicated to Fatherland Defender day, International Women day and International day of disabled persons. With Comazo’s financial assistance we purchase rehabilitation equipment, presents, arrange subscriptions to newspapers. All of this is much needed by the people.
Vera, member of Tikhvin department of
"Russian Association of Disabled People"
Tikhvin department of ‘Russian association of people with sight disabilities’ arranges rehabilitation activities for its members. Today we have 244 members in the society belonging to various disability groups, including children.

We organize events, purchase rehabilitation equipment and direct financial aid to the ones who need it most. The main source of financial aid is Comazo. We are thankful to Comazo for extensive support and understanding of problems of sight disabled people.
Tamara, vice principal of ‘Svetlyachok’ –
family centre for social rehabilitation of juveniles
‘Svetlyachok’ works with kids and juveniles from difficult families. We are sincerely thankful to Comazo for support and are looking forward to cooperation in the future.

A great support in arranging of rehabilitation for the minors is periodic press supplied with help of our friends Comazo. Thanks to Comazo our kids took participance in the project ‘Tikhvin, town of music and fairy tales’, attended New Year activities, received clothes for the cold season as New Year presents.

We are convinced that the support provided by Comazo helps our children feel that every difficult situation can be resolved in a positive way, that there are always people who care and whom you can ask for help. Helping our center Comazo forms the culture of socially responsible business in the region.
We provide sponsorship for kids sporting and cultural events
Elena, chairperson of the committee of youth policy in administration of Tikhvin,
creator of musical contest for kids ‘Tikhvin Lel’
‘Tikhvin Lel’ first started in 1991 and has become a countrywide event over the years. In recent years it is gathering young talents from all over the country.

Comazo is one of the main sponsors of the project. Thanks to the company’s financial support every year both participants and the audience of the contest see a bright opening ceremony and gala concerts that gather full houses. Financial aid is needed to create costumes and purchase necessary props. It is important to provide positive emotions to kids, so a colorful picture is essential.
Vasilina, master of sports in biathlon, multiple winner of Russia
Championship, coach in a sports school for juniours and youth “Bogatyr”
“Bogatyr” arranges sporting activities and events in Tikhvin. We make ski racing, biathlon, ice skating, basketball, wrestling, judo, box, powerlifting, sport tourism and swimming sports popular among kids and youth.
Мы популяризируем среди детей и подростков такие виды спорта как лыжные гонки, биатлон, фигурное катание, баскетбол, вольная борьба, дзюдо, бокс, пауэрлифтинг, спортивный туризм и плавание.

On 16th of December 2018 we had the first Championship in biathlon in Leningrad district held in Tikhvin.
Comazo was the main partner and provided thermal base layer sets as prizes for the winners.

Being a partner for sporting events, Comazo contributes to promotion of healthy lifestyle and helps developing biathlon as a sport in Leningrad district.
We care about the environment
We are involved in waste management and strive to have wasteless production
In 2019 we lauched a programme of making underwear from cutting leftovers.
Our products are safe for human health and hygiene
During our production processes we never use chlorine and heavy metals that activate when contacting skin and may be harmful. Underwear made by Comazo was among the first to receive OEKO-TEX 100 certificate in Germany.
What does OEKO-TEX 100 mean?
  • safe for human health and hygiene
  • safe content of dyeing agents in fabrics
  • less formaldehyde than in dental elixir
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