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Quality standards at Comazo
Product safety is our social position. We would never save on production processes at the cost of our customer’s health and comfort.
For us ‘quality’ means…
Abosulte color stability
Zero shrinkage after washing and drying
Elasticity of rubber bands
High quality of seams
Comazo’s inner standards are stricter than the Russian GOST (compulsory legal requirements).
What quality standards
are applied in Comazo?
Comazo products are manufactured under constant control from creating fabrics to packing of the ready-made goods.
We enhance our system of quality management on a regular basis. We are proud that Comazo was the first underwear producer in Germany to receive DIN ISO 900 certification.
What safety of
Comazo product guarantees?
In production we do not use chlorine and heavy metals that activate when contacting skin and may be harmful. Underwear made by Comazo was among the first to receive OEKO-TEX 100 certificate in Germany.

Please note that Oeko-Tex sign has an individual number.
What is IAF and Trigon Select certification?
In 2019, the Comazo.Ru factory successfully got the international certification of the International Federation of Clothing (IAF) and Trigon Select, which means that the Comazo.Ru factory is now in the official international base of manufacturers. The International Federation of Clothing (IAF) brings together the members of the international textile industry, which combines more than 60 associations of clothing manufacturers, suppliers and fashion brands around the world.
Interesting fact
Comazo underwear contains less formaldehyde that dental elixir.
How to secure authenticity of Comazo products?
Control tags with individual numbers
Packaging staff checks every item for compliance with GOST and internal standards of Comazo. Every packaging controller attaches a sticker tag with his personal number to the product he packs, confirming that quality was checked.

Be careful if you do not see a sticker tag with a number on your Comazo item: it may be a counterfeit product!

Every product for the Russian market is supplied with barcode stickers. One of the codes is a standard EAN-13 which is unique for a combination of model, color and size. The second code contains an individual item number used for internal accounting at Comazo. We use it to trace the story of every item: who made the cutting, who picked the components, who sewed it and who packed.
Got questions or offers about quality of Comazo products?
Please, feel free to contact us by phone or by mail.

+7 (81367) 7-11-77

+7 (81367) 70-373
+7 (81367) 74-828
+7 (812) 606-62-98
+7 (812) 606-62-99
Inna, secretary

e-mail: mail@comazo.ru

Feel free to contact us!
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